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We touched on this subject earlier in the book, but I feel it is important enough
to bring up again in another context.

It’s one thing to understand the formula for ultimate attraction, another to
accept that it can truly work for you. Once a woman at one of my seminars
laughed out loud when I suggested that any woman can create attraction with a
first-rate guy.

I know that it’s a challenge to dismiss your insecurities. There is always some
aspect of yourself you worry about, whether it is physical—your shape, your
height, your imperfect teeth, your slightly crooked nose, your oddly shaped ears,
your thighs, your knees, that scar, that birthmark, that mole—or something
deeper, like where you’re from, your educational background, your health
history, or any number of life experiences. (By the way, men fret about all these
things too!)

You worry that after you’ve gone to all the work of building a fascinating
social circle, finding and meeting a number of guys, creating connection through
a fantastic conversation with one guy, playfully trading numbers, arranging a
promising meet-up, now what? What happens when he gets a good look at you
in broad daylight? When he realizes you’re actually a good two inches taller than
he is? When he sees you naked? Then what?

Back when I was in school a girl I liked once offered this completely
unsolicited opinion: “You look really ugly when you smile.” I’d been trying to
appear friendlier and more approachable, having just read a book about body
language that claimed smiling improves your looks. I still remember how
devastated I felt.

But from this painful exchange—I really liked that girl—I learned a valuable
lesson: one person doesn’t hold the world’s opinion. To fail to realize this is to
allow one insensitive or hurtful comment to stick with you for years, festering as
wounds sometimes do, and creating a belief about yourself based on nothing
more than an offhand or even mean-spirited comment by someone who probably
didn’t realize that what they were saying might deeply offend you.

Indeed, a lot of us still carry insecurities today based on stupid comments
made many years ago. We have a terrible tendency in life to focus only on our
critics, those people who say the worst about us or those who react to us
negatively. We cannot control someone else’s response to us, but we can control
our response to them.

~ Matthew Hussey

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