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Earlier I discussed the benefits of pursuing your interests as a way of throwing the net wide and meeting more guys. You can also expand your social circle that way. When you sign up for that cooking class, it’ll be full of people who share your passion for cooking.

What kind of people are you going to meet at your one-day travel photography seminar? People who share the same interest. The goal is not to fill your datebook with meaningless activities, but to enrich your life. The combination of saying yes to events and activities you might enjoy if you give them half a chance, plus enlarging your circle of friends and contacts, will result in a life you will love, and just may lead you to the love of your life.

Every Relationship Begins with a Conversation It’s not just where we go but what we do when we are there that counts. Exposing ourselves to opportunity is one thing, but it doesn’t help if when we do go out we glue ourselves to one side of the room, clutching a drink, and get locked in conversation with the two friends we came with, only interrupting our conversation to check our phone. That evening will pass without our meeting anyone.

So let’s work on developing the ability to engage in high-quality social interactions—otherwise known as learning how to talk to people. You may not think you are naturally sociable, but that is your perception, and because it’s a perception not based in fact, it can be changed.

You are human and therefore sociable. It is a species trait, not an individual one. Being sociable has nothing to do with whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Learning how to talk to people is about developing a skill, not changing who you are. Getting your guy doesn’t require you to change anything about your character. It only requires you to do what human beings, as primates who live in groups composed of families, clans, and communities, do naturally: socialize. Being sociable is innate.

This isn’t about being the loudest, craziest person at the party, but being prepared to open up our world and show a genuine interest in other people. Every relationship begins with a conversation, so you simply need to start having more of them. The act of starting a conversation may be the most important thing you do to get the guy.

Starting conversations is so important that I can’t stress it enough. Later on in the book we’ll deal with the nitty-gritty of what to say to the guy you really like. For the moment, understand that what will transform your life, more than anything else, is to begin having more conversations. People who are good at starting conversations aren’t good because they have some magical method or great conversation pieces. They are good because they do it regularly, and the more they do it, the easier it gets. Even the simplest opening can start a conversation that can lead to something amazing.

You can ask your waiter what is the best thing on the menu. You can chat up the barman when ordering a drink. You can ask the woman standing online behind you at the grocery store her opinion on the organic peanut butter she’s got in her cart. A lot of conversations go nowhere. That’s the nature of interactions.

Just because you’ve asked someone the time doesn’t mean you’re going to wind up standing on the street corner discussing the state of the global economy for an hour. Sometimes you’ll have a two-minute chat, share a silly joke, then both be on your way. That’s okay, as your focus should be on the process and your comfort in it. It’s fun to make someone smile by offering a compliment, or asking their advice, or displaying interest in a book they might be reading.

People, no matter who they are, feel good about themselves when someone notices them. If the thought of this makes you nervous, chances are it’s because you’re still imagining that the only new people you’re going to chat up in any given week are guys to whom you’re attracted. There’s one in line at the deli! Oh my God, how can I approach him, and what do I say when I do? He’s going to think I’m a crazy person! If you focus solely on the conversations you’re going to initiate with men you find attractive, you will not get good at this.

People who are the most magnetic are people who are able to meet anyone, who can relate to or charm everyone, whether male or female. They’re not thinking about being humiliated or embarrassed or rejected, because their intent is just to be sociable. If you become the kind of person who’s always able to start a conversation and connect with people, when you do meet that hot guy you’ll be less likely to get tongue- tied, because you’ll have well-exercised social muscles. Conversation will feel natural and easy, because it’s become a ritual.

When we just focus on practicing conversation for its own sake, we stop fearing the outcome, because each conversation just makes us better prepared for the next one. Be a Tourist One of my favorite ways of making conversation easy is to imagine you are a tourist. Wherever you live, imagine you’ve just arrived in town. What does that mindset feel like? You’re alert and full of questions. Your curiosity (and interest in where the nearest bathroom is) probably makes you more bold than usual.

Tourists often say about London or New York, “Everyone here is just so friendly when you speak to them.” Londoners and New Yorkers often feel just the opposite. The difference is the tourist mindset. Tourists walk around inquisitively. They ask directions, they talk to locals when they meet them, they ask random people about the area, and often they get chatty when they go out because they want to meet people. Because of this everyone in the city seems friendly and responds to them by being warm and open.

Tourists, unlike most locals, treat the city as a playground where they can meet anybody. Not long ago I was in a supermarket in London with my brother. It was early Saturday morning and we’d stumbled out in our pajamas, hoping to grab something for breakfast. Two American girls approached us and said, “Do you know anywhere good for breakfast around here?

We just got here yesterday and don’t really know the area.” “I know some great places,” I said, and told them what they were. Then I said, “You guys seem really cool. We should get some of our friends together and go out sometime.” It was so simple and obvious, and we ended the conversation exchanging numbers. The reason this worked so well is that the girls put zero pressure on the interaction.

They were seeking information and took a chance that two moderately hungover guys in their pajamas could help them out. You can do this right now. You don’t have to wait until you are a tourist in a new city. Be a tourist in your own town. Who can honestly say they’ve explored everywhere in the town that they live? Once you just get curious about people and places, you lose all that anxiety about approaching people.

You lose that ridiculous idea that every interaction has two possible outcomes: approval or rejection. Instead, you’re out there living life, meeting people, enlarging your circle of friends, until one day, you meet a guy who’s worth getting to know.

~ Matthew Hussey

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