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The more new men you meet, the more you’ll have to choose from. This will allow you to be selective. We should all be extremely fussy when it comes to love. The person you spend most of your time with, are intimate with, share your life with, and whom you trust the most needs to be extraordinary for you specifically.

There are extraordinary people everywhere, but it will take some filtering to find that certain someone who fills your particular needs and desires. Logically, then, to find that special person, you will need to increase your chances of success by meeting many men.

The idea of treating our love life like a large filter system might not seem like the most romantic approach to the dating process, but as we’ve seen, leaving it to fate also leaves us with no sense of agency in our lives.

The fact that we can apply workable strategies to create the results we want doesn’t make our love, once we find it, any less real, meaningful, sexy, or romantic.

Yes, I know. Some people do get lucky.

I once knew a young woman named Jane who, while sitting in her first college class waiting for the lecturer to arrive, met the love of her life. An attractive and friendly young man happened to sit down right next to her. They joked together, and went for coffee after the lecture.

A month later they were seeing each other regularly and ultimately began a relationship that lasted throughout her university years. She told all her friends that he was The One. She envisaged getting married at twenty-five, with kids to follow a couple of years later. She had it all planned out. Her friends were a little envious. They wondered how it was so easy for her.

Then one day, Jane’s boyfriend, The One, tells told her he needed to do his own thing for a while. He wasn’t ready for marriage, and though he loved her, there was so much more he felt he needed to do before settling down. All of a sudden, at age twenty-five, jane found herself back in the dating game, heartbroken and wondering where and how she would ever meet someone again.

She patiently waited for another Mr. Right to come along, but nothing happened. She daydreamed that perhaps the guy sitting at the next desk at her new job would be attractive and friendly and introduce himself just as her first love did.

Then, when she began the job, not only was the guy in the next desk neither friendly nor attractive, he didn’t even bother to make conversation. She spent Friday and Saturday nights going out with her friends, talking about how impossible it was to find someone like the man she once had. She had won the lottery of love at eighteen and spent seven years enjoying the winnings.

But at twenty-five she was bankrupt, and now she was seven years older without any idea how to get back out there. Because her limited experience had taught her that the right man was supposed to sit down next to you and start a relationship with you on an unexpected day, she had no skills to make it happen.

Most lottery winners (even those who win millions) find a way to go broke again. And when they do go broke, they don’t know how to make that money again because when it happened the first time it was by pure chance.

They have no formula they can replicate. Those who are successful in business, on the other hand, know that going broke isn’t the end of the world. They have the skills to get back into the game and create something from nothing, and know that waiting will get them nowhere. Likewise, those who know how to go out and find a relationship don’t panic when they’re single.

Jane thought her only option was to sit around and wait.


~ Matthew Hussey

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