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Make a habit of talking to everyone who serves you: Wait Staff, Baristas, Salespeople, Doormen, the UPS Man.

This is great practice, especially if you’re shy, because talking to you is part of their job. Try to make every conversation go one step further. Aim to get their names, or find out where they live, or find out one simple fact about them.

You can always ask anyone in any situation,“How’s your day going?” When he replies, follow up with another question, a comment about the weather, or even a compliment.

Tell him something nice about his smile for no reason other than to make him feel good. If he has an accent, ask where he’s from.

If it’s Friday, ask him if he’s doing anything fun this weekend. Ask him to recommend his favorite kind of cake, or if you’re ordering coffee, ask him if he can make one of those artistic designs on the foam.

Service staffs are supposed to be nice to you, so take advantage of it. It’s great practice and it will make their day-and yours-so much better.

Learn the names of the regular people in your life.

Whether it’s the guy who hands out the towels at the gym, the person who serves you lunch, or the security guard at your office, make admission to get a new name from someone every day.

~ Matthew Hussey with Stephen Hussey

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