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We’ve all felt BLUE at some point. lt’s inevitable. It could start from a tiny seed of worry or sorrow and snowball into a vast area of your life.

It could be your go-to emotion as it feels safe and comforting. How could anyone hurt you if you’re already down? How could it get any worse? It’s far from the best comfort zone to slip into, as l have learned many a time.

You will only attract more of that energy into this space as that’s the message you’re giving off to others – and it susceptible, it could lead you into Feeling BLACK.

ln my experience, Feeling ‘black’ has a close alliance with Fear. Not the type of fear that makes you alert and on guard, but the sort that can eradicate hope in one gulp.

lt swallows it up and spits out the remains, your dreams and hopes, in tatters. The tear clingfilms your body and suffocates any confidence you had in yourself. This Fear has a partner in crime, a shouty voice booming: ‘You’re ridiculous for believing you could fulfill your dreams how selfish and arrogant of you

This lethal combination extracts all the innocence from your dreaming and stops you in your tracks. It has the power to draw up safely Filed-away memories that make you flinch to retrieve.

Memories you had Filed under ‘horrific’, ‘embarrassing’, ‘Full of shame’. It draws them up, projects them onto the forefront of your mind and illuminates them on a cinema-sized screen.

This tear makes you believe you are defined by these moments and won’t let you forgive yourself for mistakes and dark times. This black feeling is drenched in indifference and lethargy but has an inner electric edge that won’t let you relax.

You’re asleep in body, but wired in mind: a toxic partnership that has no balance at all. You’re down the rabbit hole with no instructions on how to get out or End the light again.

~ Fearne Cotton

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