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When you meet lots of men, you put less focus on any one man. Approaching your love life from a position of abundance rather than scarcity helps to put the odds in your favor. It is making simple economics work for you.

As much as you might be agonizing over one guy, always remember, men are 50 percent of the population.

You are not the luckiest woman in the world when you meet one you like, and you aren’t the unluckiest woman in the world when the guy you like doesn’t like you back. Scarcity makes us settle.

If you believe that there aren’t many good guys out there, you’ll invest far too much in the first decent man you do meet, even if he’s far from being the right one.

Abundance, on the other hand, leads to choice and confidence. Abundance comes when we start increasing the number of men going into that first funnel.

As soon as you heartily believe that there are plenty of men out there, you can adopt an easy come, easy go attitude and begin to have fun with all of this.

~ Matthew Hussey

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