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ln order to attract extraordinary people, We have to be extraordinary. And we have to be extraordinary not only for others, we have to do it for ourselves.

Getting the guy starts with raising your game, raising your standards, and understanding from the start that you are a woman of high value.

What do I mean by a woman of high value? Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” If we want to embody and exhibit our best qualities, we have to be living them.

I recently asked my friend Sylvia what kind of man she was looking for and she reeled off a list of terrific qualities. The man of her dreams would be outgoing, with great friends.

He would be honest, bold, adventurous, with direction and purpose, passion and confidence. He would know what he wanted out of life and live up to his own high standards. In other words, Sylvia wants someone extraordinary.

Sylvia’s my friend, so of course I think she’s pretty great, but the point is this: How many traits that you long for in your perfect man do you embody yourself P Because believe me, Mr. Right, Wherever he is out there, wants the same thing.

In the same way you’re not sitting sipping your tea and thinking, What I’d really like is a dullard who has no inner life and will look to me to fulfill all his needs and make his life exciting, Mr. Right is hoping to find a woman of high value.

That’s you.

Obviously, we all possess our own unique personalities, our own individual likes and dislikes, our own opinions, specific things that drive us mad or make us laugh, but there are traits that all high-value women possess.

They are self-confidence, independence, integrity, and femininity. Cultivating these traits is the first step toward linding the love you deserve.

~ Matthew Hussey with Stephen Hussey

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