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For me, medication was advised as the next appropriate tool to help lift me out of the pit l had sunk into. l didn’t stay on medication for long, but for the short time l was taking it l managed to lift my head high enough to see the light again.

The numbness was still there but l could sense happiness on a small scale, and smile and mean it. Once you get started, you can then Find the momentum to roll, and that’s exactly what l did.

Everyone will have a different opinion on how to live with depression and may have their own personal preferences on how to deal with it. For me, medication was a last resort and one l used only momentarily, but l’m thankful for the gear change the medicine provided so l could then look with clarity for other options for the long term. Whatever feels right to you is the best way.

Follow your gut. Finding other methods to deal with what l feared in life, and how l perceived my own story was now m new mission.

First, l looked around at my life and worked out what needed too. l had built up beliefs about m self, about others around me and about how the world worked that weren’t conducive to a healthy mental state long-term.
This needed to change. This switch-up took time and felt strange at First, but it has led me to a place where l feel l can put my time and energy into the things l really care about.

Being surrounded by positive people and Feel-good activities that make me feel alive is very important to prevent my mind from wandering into any shadowy territory. l also learned to recognize ways of thinking that can lead me to feeling blue.

l now try to place Far less importance on what everyone else thinks and says around me and instead focus on what l believe to be the truth. Something l still have to work on relentlessly.

Sometimes l feel defined by my own story, forgetting that l am the one writing it, and l can get swamped by wondering how l fit into it all. Rather than just sitting happy in the NOW and knowing l’m okay, l can lean more towards worrying about mistakes l’ve made in the past and things l could have done differently.

l have to deal with these ways of thinking; l can’t fight them, as they will only grow stronger. l have to replace them with new ways of viewing lite. Occasionally l’ll still jump off the hi high-board into the blue, and from there l can see the darkness just across the water, but with my new ways of thinking in place it’s much less likely that l’ll be dragged under the current.

Learning what your triggers and weaknesses are is important, as you can then try to avoid certain situations or thought processes that you know lead you down a dark and gloomy path.

~ Fearne Cotton

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