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Rituals are the best-kept secret of anyone who has ever succeeded in business, love, fitness, family life, learning a foreign language, or any other area. The dictionary says a ritual is an “action or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed,” or alternatively, an “action that is repeated continuously in the same way.”

Rituals are usually enacted for positive results. Following rituals creates a positive association, which in turn results in a positive outcome. l often quote Keith Cunningham’s simple but effective mantra: “Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results.”

This is as true in our love life as in every other aspect of our lives. The rituals that we are looking at here are designed specifically to help you meet more men.

Increasing the number of new men you meet each week-from, say, one to three or four-would have a dramatic impact on your love life in just a few months.

Four new men each week equals two hundred new men in a year. That incremental weekly increase would totally transform the entire landscape of your dating.

How would your life have to change right now if you set yourself the challenge of meeting two hundred new guys in the next twelve months? Not date two hundred guys, just meet two hundred.

Some of them might lead to dates, but for now, imagine just starting a five minute conversation with two hundred new guys this year. What would you have to do differently? How would you have to spend your time differently from the way you spend it now?

Sustainable change is rarely created by one huge action with dramatic results. In fact, it’s just the opposite. What is essential is that the process is natural and easy to assimilate, so that our love life takes care of itself while still letting us go about our normal routine.

Since it is so easy to make small changes for a big return, you can take control of your love life beginning today.

I get frustrated by TV shows that take a woman with no confidence and no social life, who has difficulty finding a relationship, and claim they are going to give her an instant total makeover and turn her into a new woman.

They then busy themselves changing her makeup, hairstyle, and wardrobe-all of which results only in a change in appearance.

The implication is that all that was missing from her life was that her look needed updating. I have nothing against working on how we look; establishing rituals that maintain our health, fitness, and physical appearance has great value, but on their own these will produce no more than a small shift in our love life. It may be a positive step forward, but it’s still a baby step.

The effects of such a makeover are temporary. It works on our external appearance and might look like a big transformation on screen, but it doesn’t target the changes in behavior that really make the difference.

Yes, I know it can be great TV, but no speedy external makeover addresses the greater task at hand of finding (and keeping) the right man for you.

So, what are those rituals that will put you on the right path to your man? And how do We enact them? Read on.

~ Matthew Hussey with Stephen Hussey

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