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Jesus had just finished speaking about the dangers of wealth, and about how difficult it was for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Peter asked Him, “We have left everything and followed You. What do we get in return?” Jesus was generous with Peter.

He said, “Truthfully I will say this: Everyone who left their homes or brothers or sisters or mothers or fathers or fields for My cause or for the Gospel will receive in return a hundredfold…

Peter probably thought, “This is good business, then, if I follow Jesus I will earn a hundredfold….” But then Jesus added three small words: “along with persecution.” Yes, you will have eternal life

Yes, you left everything behind. Yes, you will receive many things here on earth as well. But you will also be persecuted.

It’s like salad, served with the oil of persecution. This is a Christian’s reward. This is the path that a person who follows Jesus has to take. Because this is the path that He took: He, too, was persecuted.

Homily at Casa Santa Marta, June 9, 2014

~ Pope Francis

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