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We can? Do it alone. Confronted with the pressures of everyday life, we are rarely able to find the right path on our own-and even when we do, we may lack the strength to persevere, to face the climb and the unexpected obstacles along the way And this is where the Lord Jesus’s invitation comes in: “ If you want . . . follow Me.”

He offers to accompany us on our journey-not to exhaust us, not to make slaves of us, but to free us. He asks us to join Him; That’s it, to join Him.

Only by joining Jesus, by praying to Jesus and following Him, do we find the clarity of vision and strength to go forward. He loves us; He has chosen us; He gave Himself to each one of us.

He is our defender and big brother and will be our only judge. How beautiful it is to be able to face life’s ups and downs in the company of Jesus, to have His person and His message with us!

He does not take away autonomy or liberty; on the contrary by fortifying our fragility He permits us to be truly free. He gives us the freedom to do good and the strength to continue doing so; He makes us capable of forgiving and capable of asking for forgiveness.

This is the Jesus who accompanies us. This is the Lord!

Address, July 5, 2014

~ Pope Francis

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