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In the Gospel passage We just heard, the disciples could not believe the joy they felt, because they could not believe in the cause of this joy This is what the Gospel tells us.

Let’s revisit the scene. Jesus has risen and the disciples of Emmaus are speaking about their experience. Peter is also telling what he saw Then the Lord appears in the room and says to them; “Peace be with you.”

Many feelings erupt in the hearts of the disciples, fear, surprise, doubt, and, finally joy A joy so great that they “could not believe it.”

They were amazed-stunned-and Jesus, almost with a faint smile, asks them for something to eat and starts explaining the Scriptures, opening their minds so they can understand.

This is the moment of astonishment, of the encounter with Jesus Christ, a moment of such joy that it feels like a dream, an illusion.

In such moments We are tempted to take shelter in skepticism, to “not exaggerate,” because joy and happiness feel risky

Homily April 24, 2014

~ Pope Francis

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