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My friend, Gerad Kite, uses a wonderful theory of the ‘Pendulum’. Gerad is an incredible acupuncturist who has studied Five Element acupuncture for over twenty years.

This theory leads you to notice your own natural swing of emotions. Rather than swing with great force from one feeling to another, you can sit above it all, on the top of the Pendulum, and observe it unfolding.

But neither should you try to stay in the middle of your pendulum and block out extreme emotions. We can all feel scared of getting too happy, as it’s often sidelined by the fear of that moment or good thing ceasing to exist.

Fall into good times feeling safe, but knowing of course that it will have a natural end. The same with the darker times. All this too shall pass. lf, like me, ‘blue’ or ‘black’ is one of your go-to states, let it come and pass naturally.

Don’t get stuck in it for too long and don’t feel desperate to block it out or numb it with other feelings. There’s room for it all.

~ Fearne Cotton

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