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Now that you are committed to expanding your options by meeting a lot more men, l am going to offer a proven system, a method to all of this man-meeting. It is a process best visualized as a series of funnels.

The first funnel is the largest, into which you pour all the new men you meet. (We’ll get to the part about how you are going to meet all these new men in a few pages.. stay with me.) The funnel acts as a filter, and only the guys you’re attracted to pass through to the second funnel.

The second funnel then filters out all the guys you don’t want to date. These would be the guys who may seem attractive at first glance, but you don’t have any immediate chemistry with them for you to want to make real time for them.

Only those guys you’re genuinely interested in spending time with drop into the third funnel. Of those, only a select few will pass into the fourth funnel, those who are worth more than just one date.

Of course the final filtering will result in finding the guy with whom you want a relationship. We will dig into that process in the second and third parts of the book. For now, we are simply getting you to the place of opportunity.

The process is clear and obvious, but there is one important principle I want to emphasize: the first funnel is where we are least selective. The first funnel is not about attraction. It is about meeting new people, both men and women.

The first funnel is about getting out there. It’s about joining the human race. It’s about practicing conversation and flirting. It’s about interacting and entertaining and allowing ourselves to be entertained.

Out into the world you go, with the goal of meeting as many guys as possible, so that you have more guys to pour into the first funnel. Pouring only three guys into that First funnel makes it highly unlikely that the right guy will come out the other end.

Pouring in every guy who doesn’t strike you as a potential serial killer makes your chances much higher that at the end the right one will emerge.

Part of the reason you’re tossing every guy into the first funnel is to create the habit of giving a lot of guys a chance, early on. Most of us are so focused on meeting The One that we wind up not meeting anyone.

If I could, I would tattoo this on your palm: every interaction with another human being is a possible gateway to some new world or experience, which could, in turn, introduce you to the love of your life.

~ Matthew Hussey

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