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The poor in spirit is the Christian who does not rely only on himself; on material wealth; who is not obstinate and opinionated, but who listens with respect; and who willingly defers to the decisions of others.

If there were more of the poor in spirit in our communities, there would be fewer divisions, disagreements, and controversies! Humility like charity is an essential virtue for coexistence in Christian communities.

The poor, in this evangelical sense, nurture the promise of the Kingdom of Heaven. They offer us a tiny glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven, for a community that places sharing above ownership is as a seed to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I would like to emphasize this: sharing over owning. The heart and hands must always be open [he gestures], not closed [he gestures] When the heart is closed [he gestures], it is a shrunken heart. It doesn’t even know how to love. When the heart is open [he gestures] it is on the path of love.

Angelus, January 29, 2017

~ Pope Francis

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