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We feel shame to tell the truth; I did this, I thought that. But shame is a true Christian virtue. It is also very human! The capacity for shame . . .

I don’t know if this is a saying in Italy but in my country we call people who don’t possess a sense of shame sinvergilenza. This means “without shame,” because this person isn’t capable of feeling shame.

But shame is a virtue that comes from humility Humility and meekness are the mainstays of a Christian life.

A Christian always strives for humility and meekness. And Jesus is waiting for us, ready to forgive us. We can ask Him any question:

So, is going to Confession like going to a torture chamber? No! It is my chance to praise God because I am a sinner and I have been saved by Him.

And is He waiting to beat me? No, He is waiting to forgive me with tenderness.

And if I make the same mistake tomorrow? Then I will go again and again and again. He is always waiting for us. This is the Lord’s tenderness, His humility and His meekness.

Homily at Casa Santa Marta, April 29, 2013

~ Pope Francis

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