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The virtue of meekness has fallen a little out of fashion these days. Being meek, giving up our place for others. There are many enemies of meekness, starting with gossip.

Isn’t that right? Sometimes we like to chitchat, we like to gossip about other people, and be a little spiteful. These are everyday situations, and they happen to everyone, even me.

But they are also temptations sent by the Evil One, who doesn’t want the Spirit to come to us and bring us peace, who doesn’t want our Christian communities to know meekness and mildness.

We go to our church, and the ladies who do Sunday school are bickering with the ladies who do charity works. There are always these kinds of struggles. Even in our families, and in our neighborhoods.

Even among friends! This is not being born again. When the Spirit comes to us and we are born again, we are meek, charitable. Now don’t judge anyone; The only judge is the Lord . _ . If; with the grace of the Spirit, we managed not to gossip, it would be a giant step forward.

And it would be good for everyone! Let us ask the Lord to show us and the rest of the world the beauty and greatness of this new life, this life born of the Spirit.

Let us ask the Lord to help us be meek and charitable with one another-respectful of one another. Let us ask this grace for all of us.

Homily at Casa Santa Marta, April 9, 2013

~ Pope Francis

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