Just Take ‘The Friggin’ Jacket, Whether You are Cold or Not – Life Motivation

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Let him come to your rescue. When he offers you his jacket, this isn’t his attempt to be patronizing. This is your guy wanting to feel like he’s able to serve you. This is what makes him feel like a man. Men live to serve Women on a level that most men will never admit to and most women will never understand.

When a man offers to carry your suitcase, it’s not because he thinks that Without his bulging manly arms holding your luggage you’ll be a helpless damsel in distress just Waiting for someone to heave your bags up those stairs. In that moment, when you’re standing at the bottom of your apartment steps with your suitcase, he is not implying that you are insignificant or weak.

He is simply trying to make himself feel accepted. A woman accepting his help is a Woman accepting him. It’s you saying, “Okay, you’re allowed to take care of me.” He knows you don’t need to be taken care of but on some level he Wants to be able to take care of your needs. A woman of high value knows this and permits it. It’s not about you and your power, it’s about him and his insecurity.

All of the qualities We discuss in this chapter have to do with character. A high-value Woman is a woman with strong character. She may be shy, but she still has confidence. Her life may be quiet and simple or glamorous and raucous, but she is fulfilled and independent. She may like to chop wood or race motorbikes, but she never loses her femininity.

And she always, always sticks to her principles, even in the face of adversity. Adopting and developing the traits of a high-value woman will contribute to the basic quality of your life, and it will move you to a place where you love every day, whether you’re in a relationship or not.

The best life is one in which we’re excited to wake up in the morning. When we have that, we “win” no matter what happens in our love life. With or without a person to share it with, we have a passionate, fun, exciting, emotionally fulfilling, and extraordinary existence.

Whatever happens, we become extraordinary, and the truth becomes clear: we don’t enter relationships hoping to create an extraordinary existence; we come to them to share one with someone else. Being a high-value woman will ensure that you find just such a relationship.

Dating will become easier because you’ll always have something fun to do. Because you already have interests and passions, you won’t have to scratch your head to come up with an interesting activity when a guy suggests “doing something.”

Also, when someone has a busy, interesting life she adores, she’s unlikely to stake everything on a single guy. She is more confident, because she knows that she is already living a life she’s passionate about.

Every relationship starts with a simple conversation, and half of being an interesting conversationalist is having a life in which you’re fully engaged. When you’re enthusiastic about biking or kickboxing or foreign films or raising goats, you’ll never run out of things to talk about (there’s limited mileage in the goat material, but you know what I mean).

~ Matthew Hussey

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