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Parties, barbecues, dinners, theater trips-people are always inviting us to events, yet we often say no because we’re too busy, we don’t have the energy, or it’s simply not our thing. Now, it’s time for a new ritual: the one of saying yes.

Say yes to the colleague who invites you out for a drink after work. Say yes to baby showers, Super Bowl parties, and chili cook-offs. Most people are a little intimidated at the thought of going alone to that wedding or that birthday party of a friend of a friend, but from now on, if you’ve been invited, you’re going to say yes.

It’s one of the oldest self-help cliches in the world, but to get different results we have to start doing things differently. Saying yes will open up your world and also give you a chance to exercise your social muscles.

~ Matthew Hussey

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