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Jesus is called “the Lamb? He is the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world. Someone might think: But how can a lamb, which is so weak, a weak little lamb, how can it take away so many sins, so much wickedness?

With love. With His meekness. Jesus never ceased being a lamb; meek, good, full of love, close to the little ones, close to the poor. He was there, among the people, healing everyone, teaching, praying, Jesus was like a lamb, He was very Weak. But He had the strength to take all our sins upon Himself all of them.

“But, Father, you don’t know my life: I have such a sin [that is so great] I can’t even carry it with a truck.” Many times, when we examine our conscience,

We find things there that are truly bad! But He carries them. He came for this: to forgive us, to bring peace to the world, but first to bring peace to our hearts. Perhaps each one of us feels troubled in his heart, perhaps he experiences darkness in his heart, perhaps he feels a little sad because of something he did Wrong _ . _

He came to take away all of this, He gives us peace, He forgives everything. “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away sin”: He takes away sin, root and all! This is the salvation that Jesus brings about by His love and His meekness.

And in listening to what John the Baptist says, Who bears witness to Jesus as the Savior, our confidence in Jesus can only grow

Homily, January 19, 2014

~ Pope Francis

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