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When you’re in the black, it feels endless. How will this giant cloud ever pass, and how will I not be affected by the memory of it?

That’s where hard work and discipline comes into play. As soon as l remember, in a tiny chink of light, that everything has been okay before, and that l can experience happiness again, I can start to heave myself out.

lt takes one thought, one second, one moment or positive memory to act as a catalyst for the light to gradually seep in again. Shapes change, moods shift, lungs fill, feet shuffle and clouds start to part.

Hope, joy, love and laughter: it’s all for the taking once you get your head in the right space. The next step is not running head on into another loaded emotion too quickly.

Sprinting full pelt into excitement or drama could be just as damaging, so l try to remember to take it slowly and not numb the feeling of ‘black’ by covering it with another heightened emotion.

l let it flow naturally, however long that might take, and use building blocks of things l love to help climb that slippery flight of stairs.

~ Fearne Cotton

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