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Having integrity is about knowing what your own standards are and being completely comfortable with them. A woman of integrity doesn’t’ compromise what she believes in simply in order to seek approval from others, nor does she let bad behavior slide in order to try to fit in.

If she finds someone she is attracted to, she won’t recalibrate her values to match his. This is true for large issues and for small ones. It’s about being loyal to your friends, not being overly critical of others, and refraining from harmful gossip.

lt is also being polite to staff at a restaurant and considerate about where you use your cell phone. These actions, large and small, set you apart as a woman of high value. Like confidence, integrity is not only an attractive trait to men, but one that ought to be cultivated for your best self.

For purposes of getting the guy, integrity sends a message to a man that he can ‘expect you to hold steady to your values, which establishes trust. When a man trusts you, he will listen more attentively and know that what you say has real weight.

If your interactions come from a place of integrity, then you set up a dynamic where you can expect the same from your man. Face it, a woman of real integrity is not going to put up with a guy who lacks it. Holding fast to your own integrity helps him to know what you expect of him, and he feels challenged to not disappoint you.

~ Matthew Hussey with Stephen Hussey

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