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A word of encouragement before you set out to meet the man of Your dreams: Life is full of people who wait. They wait for the right moment to approach someone, or wait for someone to approach them first. They wait for someone to show enough interest that they don’t risk being rejected, they wait to be invited, and they wait to make a move. They wait to feel confident before taking action. Wait, wait, wait, for everything.

“Waiters” imagine they are playing it safe, but more often than not, only two things come to those who wait: the wrong thing or nothing.

Ask yourself : Right now, at this very moment, am l waiting or am I creating? Am I taking the positive steps which will give me results in my love life? (lf your answer is no, take heart; simply by reading this book you are already taking action, seeking the knowledge that will enable you to make the changes necessary to make rapid progress.)

There’s an added benefit to taking your life into your own hands: when you know you are doing everything in your power to improve your situation, you can be content even if the results aren’t immediate. The knowledge that you are moving forward, improving, and developing in a significant way is what makes humans happy.

Wherever you feel you are right now, you still have a choice: you can wait or you can create. There is only one way to wait: just do nothing. But there are thousands of ways to create, so the opportunities are endless.

~ Matthew Hussey

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