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Jesus manifests God’s desire to lead men to happiness. This message was already present in the preaching of the prophets: God is close to the poor and the oppressed, and He delivers them from those who mistreat them.

But in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus follows a particular path: He starts with the Word “blessed” which is to say; “happy” He continues with guidance on how to be happy; and He concludes by making a promise.

The cause of blessedness, or happiness, lies not in your current state-for example, “the poor in spirit,” “they Who mourn,” “they Who hunger for righteousness,” “the persecuted”-but in the subsequent promise Jesus makes, to be welcomed with faith as a gift from God.

One starts from a condition of hardship so that one can open oneself to God’s gift and enter the new world, the Kingdom announced by Jesus. This is not something that happens automatically: It is a way of life that comes from following the Lord.

Thus the reality of hardship and affliction is seen from a new perspective and experienced according to the conversion that comes about. You are truly blessed only if you have converted, for only then are you able to appreciate and relish all of God’s gifts.

Angelus, January 29, 2017

~ Pope Francis

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